Bio: I am trying very, very hard to amplify the awareness of one of humankind's biggest social issues - the development of new medicine - so that we can radically accelerate the pace of how we do this as an industry. It's going to take a complex collaboration between patients, pharma, healthcare, technology, advocacy groups, artists, educational institutions, the media and more. Join me, advise me, cheer me on! I also have a couple of kids that I hope will grow up as considerate, confident, fun people who really like what they do, so long as I don't screw them up. Last but not least, I have a spouse who inspires me to be the best version of me I can be. I hope she doesn't ever leave me, because it will all fall apart. I have huge appetites for: music, technology, health 2.0, social media, mobile, visual arts, martial arts, bourbon, food, design, science and connecting unlikely partners

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